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For playing digital DJ sets.

Players and file browser

This is the main window composed by:

  • 2 players (deck1/deck2) which can play tracks of max 15 min, waveform can be clicked to jump in tracks, 4 cue points can be set
  • 2 samples players, they can play 4 tracks (limited to 1 min) at the same time, playback is not affected by motion detection
  • a directory explorer which can also open playlist files (m3u)
  • a file explorer, root directory has to be defined in configuration dialog
  • help for keyboard shortcuts, could be defined in configuration dialog

Harmonic mixing

Highlighting in file explorer is used to show which files are musically compatible with the current one. This is called Harmonic mixing.

File highlight colors are:

  • green: the next track is one music key more (+1) or less (-1) than the current one
  • orange: the next track is higher (major B) or lower (minor A) than the current one

Digital Scratch 1.1.0 - Main window

Jack configuration

Digital Scratch - ESI U46DJ Jack configuration

Jack connections

Digital Scratch - ESI U46DJ Jack connections